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Office Design and Concept integrating Greenery

Ede, the Netherlands

CROW Ede is a knowledge institute for infrastructure and public space. CROW's headquarters is located in the middle of the beautiful and wooded area in Ede. We were asked to come up with the office concept and design the interior.

The design embraces the beauty of nature and brings it indoors, with abundant greenery that offers tranquility and inspiration to CROW employees. We have integrated carefully selected plants, which do not only improve air quality, but also promote overall well-being. The vibrant green accents are a refreshing contrast to the modern and sleek architectural elements, creating an inviting and energetic atmosphere. Furthermore we focused on circularity during this project. We have used recycled materials and integrated sustainable products to reduce the impact on the environment.

In addition, we have deliberately chosen natural materials for the added furniture. By screwing the furniture instead of gluing it, it can easily be adapted or reused when the needs of the knowledge institute change. This approach ensures that the furniture is flexible and can grow with CROW's evolving requirements.

This working environment not only reflects CROW's mission but also has a positive impact on the planet.

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