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Haarlem, the Netherlands

Dopper Pavilion

We were invited by Dopper to design a state-of-the-art pavilion on top of their new headquarters in the Oceans building situated in the center of Haarlem. This pavilion respects and interacts with the historical center of the city and also reflects the core identity of Dopper as an environmentally friendly and socially engaged company.

Dialogue between city and pavilion

Our aim was, to not only design a pavilion that interacts with the city, but also let the city interact with the pavilion. This was done by creating telescope-like elements. Each one of them focusing on a specific part of the city.

From the inside of the pavilion, one’s gaze is guided to a large window, enclosed by two diagonal walls and a slightly upward tilted roof. The window acts as a frame for the specific landmark which it features. Each of these telescope-like elements thereby putting a different landmark on display. From the city at the location of the landmarks you can see the gaze of the pavilion. This interaction simulates an intriguing dialogue between city and pavilion.

Dopper’s core values reflected.

Dopper has extremely high standards concerning the environment. Their main -or perhaps only- aim is to get rid of all single used plastics. As you can imagine, we didn’t use any plastics in our design. For the building construction we used CLT, which is a cross laminated timbre. With this building material you consume CO2, instead of releasing it. On top of this the pavilion is extremely well isolated and it is seated in a bed of plants which help to improve the biodiversity.

Dopper Pavilion
Dopper Pavilion
Dopper Pavilion
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